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We started as a Media Company and evolved into a software development company to support education. The Covid19 pandemic has highlighted various weaknesses in our society, especially in education and the work environment. Moving into online teaching with little or no formal training left students and teachers in a mess. Creating Zoom and other online synchronous learning media did little to ensure students’ engagement and learning. INFOED Media LLC works with K-12 and Higher Education institutions to develop interactive and engaging software tools, animations, games, simulations, videos, etc. Our team has 30 plus years of education and training experience. We work with our clients to create tools that ensure learning.



Multimedia provides learning resources by using a variety of media in an integrated way for instruction. We help students in ways that best suit their learning needs and capture their interests. High-quality videos are created and used in Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR), to provide a real-life training experience.

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Student Games

Using Games as a teaching tool improves thinking skills in children. It helps children follow instructions, consider their actions, and respond to problems. Games help develop essential thinking skills, such as awareness of the environment and creating a competitive sprint for students.

Educational Simulations

Simulation-based education (SE) refers to using simulation software, tools, and serious games to enrich the teaching and learning processes. Advances in computer hardware and software allow for employing innovative methodologies that use SE tools to enhance the learning experience. We have several cloud-based simulations in marketing and engineering economics.



Research has shown that Animations that have a cognitive purpose can facilitate learning because they provide more and different information than static graphics. Learning and teaching become more accessible, quicker, and amusing with computer animations. Well-designed animations may help students learn faster and easier. They are also an excellent aid to teachers when explaining complex subjects.


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Our technical expert are standingby to support you 24/7. We have a dedicated team in Pakistan and the USA. Contact us through email ([email protected]).



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